Our Vision

To serve as a catalyst for the promotion of healthy life practices that enhances the individual’s overall well-being and improve qulity of life.

Our efforts are designed to equip the individual, families, organizations, and communities to weather the risks of a more complex, more interconnected world. Thus, much of our work supports the improvement of lives of special and vulnerable Populations, with greater emphasis on women and children’s social-health and social justices issues

Our Overall Goal

Is to reduce social-health illness, disability and even death that are associated with preventable causes. Yet, each one of our programs has program’s specific goals and objectives. Associated Health Resource Center recognizes that Life challenges come in different shapes and forms. For these reasons, we assist individuals or groups to develop plan of care as we strive to provide targeted interventions. Active involvement of program’s participants fosters sense of belonging, ownership and enables them to set realistic goals in order to effectively address the problem(s). We provide targeted interventions to each person at a time.

Our Mission Statement

Associated Health Resource Center (AHRC) is dedicated to creating positive impact in the global community through the delivery of improved social-health care/services to people in needs and under served populations. This we accomplished through public health education, trainings, awareness campaigns, advocacy, health promotion and maintenance activities, capacity-building /trainings, community outreach activities, community mobilization, medical mission to populations in needs and distribution of medical equipments, supplies and basic life essential materials for survival including food, water, and clothing.